Founder Rekha Puri attends Think Tank on Global Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education

May 2015: Rekha came away inspired by Fernando Reimers, Veronica Boix-Mansilla, other speakers and an amazing cohort of educators/new colleagues, and excited for LINE be a part of propelling the global education for all movement forward. 

"We need to create social context and learn/think with good company; we need the wisdom of more networks. Tap into existing networks, create new ones, we are in this together. Build capacity, meet people where they are, avoid a climate of crisis, and inspire change!"  Fernando Reimers, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Learning-India, India's first large scale education technology festival in Bangalore this July - excited to partner!

Learning-India, India’s first large scale education technology conference, will take place in Bangalore, India, this July.  LINEglobal is an official partner of the Learning-India festival that will bring together professionals focused on learning, teaching and leading in the digital age.  We are very excited to partner and collaborate with this UK based team to provide strategic support for the speaker series and programming.

Young Zhao event co-hosted with IIE, a prelude to International Education Week 2014 - click links to watch and view photo album

Watch Yong Zhao talk - click here                           Yong Zhao event photo album - click here

Heartfelt thanks to Yong Zhao for his inspirational talk, passionate enthusiasm and generous support of LINEglobal; thank you Emily McCarren, Dominic Randolph, and Rajiv Kothari for your unwavering commitment and generous support; and thanks to Rajika Bhandari and IIE for co-hosting an amazing event!


Special event with Dr. Yong Zhao, co-hosted by IIE Institute of International Education and LINEglobal

LINEglobal and IIE Institute of International Education are co-hosting an event with Dr. Yong Zhao on November 11, 2014. The talk will be held at the IIE Kaufmann Conference Room, an architectural gem designed by Alvar Aalto

This feels serendipitous - Yong Zhao's talk, our collaboration with IIE, and the landmark spectacular setting overlooking the East River! We cannot wait! Special thanks to Dr. Yong Zhao for making the time to generously support LINEglobal. Special thanks to Emily McCarren for her help with coordinating this event, and to Rajika Bhandari for the opportunity to co-host with IIE. 

Global Education Teacher Strand, Punahou School, Hawaii, workshop facilitated by Emily McCarren and Rekha Puri

The Global Education Teacher Strand at the Punahou School, Hawaii, is a forum for discussion and action planning for educators interested in exploring and designing globally focused curriculum and implementing this in their school environments. It intentionally coincides with Punahou's Student Global Leadership Institute. Emily McCarren, Director of Wo International Center, Punahou School, and Rekha Puri facilitated this program for a "diverse think-tank" of remarkable educators from Hawaii, mainland USA, China, Japan, Denmark, Jordan, India, Sweden, and other countries.  

LINEglobal event co-hosted with the Asia Society; thank you Jeffrey Sachs and Erin Trowbridge for your generous support; thanks Amita & PC Chatterjee


Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 6:30—8:00 p.m. at Asia Society, New York

Keynote Address by Professor Sachs 

followed by a panel discussion with: 

Parag Saxena, Founding Partner & CEO, New Silk Route, R. May Lee, Associate Vice Chancellor for Asia, New York University (NYU), Zak Malamed, Student, University of Maryland, and Founder, Student Voices, Moderated by Tom Nagorski, Executive Vice President, Asia Society

LINEglobal's first event with Jeffrey Sachs, an auspicious start during Diwali celebrations! Click on the link to watch.

“You will inherit a crowded and diverse world. There are seven billion people today all needing to learn how to live together. You’ve got an incredible head start on that learning. You can now teach others about tolerance, diversity, community, and social justice.”
— Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University