Soiree hosted by Susan and Varinder Singh, May 24, 2016

Susan and Varinder Singh (Board Member) generously hosted a Soiree at their home to introduce LINEglobal to their friends. It was a lovely, social evening - great food, friendly ambience and warm hospitality! LINE Founder, Rekha Puri, and LINE Fellows, Emily Schorr Lesnick and Dwight Vidale, spoke about their experiences and the imperative need for professional development and immersive experiences for globally competent teachers. Patsy Doerr, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion at Thomson Reuters, emphasized the cultural fluency, global citizenship and global mindset required in the work place.

Thank you Susan and Varinder Singh! 

We hope our new friends enthusiastically support our efforts to foster global networks between educators and shift paradigms of how school communities engage with cultures vastly different from our own.