Presentation "Mumbai-NYC Teacher Connection" at Global Education Forum, co-organized by Asia Society and Penn GSE; Amy Liebov and Rekha Puri, Oct. 16, 2015

This session highlighted our authentic engagement with Shiksha preschool, Nirav Modi Foundation, Mumbai, that serves students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Amy Liebov and Rekha Puri shared hand made materials and this Prezi, discussed our in-person teacher training program in March 2015, how we have continued our conversations via Whatsapp and Skype; and our next steps including an upcoming trip in March 2016 to work together in person again.  

LINE selected to present at Global Education Forum 2015

Amy Liebov and Rekha Puri will present LINE's teacher training pilot program in Mumbai at the Global Education Forum 2015 organized by Asia Society and UPenn's Graduate School of Education 

LINEglobal nutures a long-term authentic engagement with Shiksha preschool Nirav Modi Foundation, Mumbai, that serves students from low-income backgrounds. By developing curricular expertise, classroom management skills and a hands-on teacher-training program, we have reflected on the limitations of our worldview with increased appreciation for teachers working with limited resources. We have deepened our understanding of the cultural realities and social needs that are imperative for a successful early childhood program that prepares students for ongoing English-medium elementary schools and life ahead. An understanding of social realities is imperative for an ethical program based on professional reciprocity. And we have found wonderful new colleagues that we have much to share and learn with! We learn more every time we engage with the Shiksha team - in person in March 2015, with ongoing communication via WhatsApp, Skype.