LINEglobal is a volunteer-based non-profit organization that recognizes the imperative need for reciprocal India-USA partnerships. India is a rapidly growing economy, and has the largest youth population in the world - India is truly and literally the land with a billion opportunities! 

LINEglobal connects and supports dynamic, innovative partnerships between educators in the USA and India. By creating a multiplatform dialogue between educators, we embrace various perspectives, encourage understanding and empathy, and pave the way for continued communication and synergy through the use of technology.

LINEglobal’s ambitions go beyond fostering an India-USA educational collaboration. Through the life-altering transformative experiences educators have, LINEglobal aims to refine and expand American perceptions about India. We are committed to raising global awareness, shifting age-old paradigms and serving excellent professional development opportunities.

LINEglobal partnerships focus on the imperative need for us, and our students, to develop the cross-cultural competencies needed to live in our global society. We strongly believe that personal relationships between our schools will result in us being more cognizant of social justice issues and more reflective about educational practices. And like all early childhood and K-12 educators, we know that we need to start at the school level to have the maximum impact in creating global citizens!

LINEglobal aspires to establish new models of creative, synergistic and original learning. This link between India and US-based educators transforms the ways we learn about each other, from each other, and with each other.

Please use the hashtag #LINEed to share your thoughts and help promote our work on Twitter.